Health effects of drinking too much carbonated water

When carbonated water was created, people actually thought that drinking it is healthy. Since it was created to copy the taste of natural mineral water there are some man of science who believed that it improves health. This is also the main reason of why carbonated water becomes really popular back in the day. This was during the time when there are little studies done with this kind of mixture. Most of the health effects are a result of this mixture being slightly acidic. There are now more studies done to make sure that drinking carbonated drinks moderately will not be dangerous to any human. There are drinks now that are so delicious that people consume it on a daily basis. There are still studies that is ongoing but some of the result that shows negligible effects to a person. If there are bad effects that people thinks that carbonated water brings, there are also some good effects being discovered from time to time.

Taking carbonated water in its pure form is similar to consuming regular water. It is just a perfect alternative to re-hydrate if the taste of still water is no longer as tempting. There are articles that claims the effect of consuming carbonated water might be bad for you but no definite study have been done just to prove that. There are some that shows little or negligible effect in tooth enamel. Some claims that it makes the bone weak or causes kidney stone. But all these have no study to support it just yet. This is the main reason also why some people try to avoid consuming it. This is also one of the reasons why there is a slight decline in the demand for carbonated drinks. But if people check to label before drinking it like there is no sugar, caffeine, calories or any other sweeteners. There are now studies that are dedicated for proving the health effects to human. Aside from the negligible side effects in 2004 the Journal of Nutrition released an article that carbonated water with high sodium levels helps reduce cholesterol levels. It also lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems of postmenopausal women. It also helps people who are suffering from dyspepsia and constipation.

Even with all the articles saying that carbonated water might be bad people still consume it. If it is taken in moderation and in its pure form it can be a good alternative to pure water. Sparkling or fizzy water can be really fun to consume especially on a hot day or right after a tiring workout. Carbonated water can help quench thirst perfectly. It is also a sure thing that people burp easily right after drinking a bubbly carbonated water. Getting gas or burping easily is just a common effect especially if it’s consumed fast. Some of the burping contest use carbonated drinks to help contestants have that satisfying loud long burp to win. Carbonated drinks have been around for a while and people have thought of different ways to enjoy it.

Carbonated water is healthy or bad for you?

It depends on dosage and type of the carbonated water. Even drinking pure water in excess amounts would end up with serious health problems. Natural spring water has many minerals including calcium. Drinking too much spring water together with calcium-rich foods would raise calcium levels in blood too much. Excess calcium in particular can create problems in cardiovascular system and kidneys. All minerals, everything can be potentially problematic if taken excessively. You should consult a health professional to know how much is too much, enough or insufficient.

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