Carbonated Water: Natural Formation and Creation with the Right Tools

Carbonated water can occur naturally or be created with the right tools. In certain locations, water naturally absorbs carbon dioxide from the ground. Due to CO2's slight solubility in water and the proper conditions, carbonated mineral water is formed. Places like Mihalkovo in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains, Medzitlija in Macedonia, or Selters in Germany are known for their seltzer water, which is created through this process. However, thanks to modern science, people can now enjoy the taste of this special sparkling water without needing to visit those specific places. In fact, the first carbonated water in the US was produced because people desired to replicate the taste of natural mineral water. Nowadays, creating carbonated water is incredibly easy; even private households can set up their own carbonation facility and enjoy this unique mixture at a more affordable price.

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The only thing that is very important to know in creating the perfect carbonated water is to keep the temperature as low as possible and the pressure as high as possible. This will maximize the solubility of gas in the liquid, resulting in more carbon dioxide mixing with the water. The resulting mixture will then create carbonic acid, which can be neutralized by adding an alkaline salt. Table salt or sodium bicarbonate can be used for this purpose, helping to increase the pH and make the mixture less acidic. The secret is to ensure that the water is chilled before mixing. Ideally, the temperature should be slightly above the water's freezing point to achieve the maximum amount of carbon dioxide mixing with the water. The bubbles or sparkle seen in carbonated water are caused by the carbon dioxide escaping the water when the conditions change. This is also why most people burp after drinking a cold soda or other carbonated drink, due to the carbon dioxide. To keep the carbonated water carbonated, it is important to seal the container properly and keep it chilled.

There are a wide variety of carbonated waters available in the market today, including some from other countries. Carbonated water can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other beverages. Some people prefer to mix it with fruit juice or other natural flavors. In fact, it is the main ingredient in all the popular carbonated drinks found in stores. Additionally, sparkling water, which is another term for carbonated water, is used to create cocktails. It is a popular mixer that allows strong drinks to be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

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During the Great Depression, carbonated water was the most affordable option at soda fountains. At that time, it was commonly referred to as "two cents plain." Over time, this special mixture has been given various names such as club soda, sparkling water, fizzy water, and soda water, among others.

Some households are able to create their own carbonated water at a low cost, enjoying a liter for less than a penny. This can also be seen as a potential business opportunity or investment. There are individuals who are willing to purchase unique carbonated drink mixtures as long as they taste good.