Create Great Mixed Drinks and Homemade Fizzy Water | Complete Guide

Creating great mixed drinks comes from having all the right ingredients and mixing them in the correct proportions. Just like when making a delicious carbonated soda or cocktail, bartenders use the ideal amount of fizzy water, also known as carbonated water, to achieve an instant sparkling mixture. Now, consider the possibility of being able to create homemade fizzy water. People who already have a carbonation setup in their homes have enjoyed significant savings from being able to make their own carbonated water. It is very easy to use once you understand the chemistry behind carbonation. You can enjoy sparkling water for less than a penny, compared to paying almost 2 dollars for just a liter. The most important thing to remember is that cold liquid dissolves more gas than liquid at a higher temperature. Additionally, carbon dioxide is already slightly soluble in water, so by altering the pressure and temperature, water can dissolve more CO2 and create fizz when exposed to normal conditions.

There is a ready-made soda siphon or seltzer bottle available that allows you to produce 1 liter of carbonated water. However, this may not create a highly carbonated mixture like the ones available in stores. This is why some people prefer to create their own setup for making sparkling water. With a budget of around $150, a household can enjoy their own homemade soda water. The setup includes an aluminum tank for holding carbon dioxide gas, a gas regulator, a hose, a plastic bottle with a cap, two hose clamps, a Schrader air chuck for the hose, and a Schrader valve stem for the bottle cap. The idea is to create a pressurized bottle to ensure a high amount of carbon dioxide dissolves into the water. Keeping the water chilled to just above freezing point under high pressure is the ideal condition for achieving the right mixture, similar to commercially available carbonated water. Additionally, adding a small amount of sodium salt or potassium salt can give it a taste similar to San Pellegrino or store-bought carbonated water.

After achieving the right mixture, it is now time to decide which kind of carbonated drink to create. There are different fruit juices that pair perfectly with soda water, or you can try mixing cocktails at a party using homemade carbonated water. This can also be a great conversation starter with guests. The possibilities for creating unique drinks with the help of homemade carbonated water or a carbonating set-up are endless. If there appears to be a reasonable demand, there is also a good chance of starting a small business selling carbonated drinks. The process itself is simple, and the maintenance of the set-up is not that expensive compared to the products it can create in the future.