Carbonated drinks can cause insomnia

There are a lot of people who enjoy drinking soda or other carbonated drinks after every meal. Most don't feel full without drinking this kind of beverage after meal. Others just want to enjoy burping after they consume soda. But there are some persons who try to avoid drinking it at night because it gives them insomnia. This is due to caffeine content in some carbonated drinks. Some of them contain high caffeine that can be compared to drinking a cup of coffee. Effect of caffeine will usually last for 4 to 8 hours depending on personal tolerance to caffeine. If you think caffeine affects you easily, you should read label of drink carefully if it contains caffeine.

There is a good alternative that will give similar satisfaction as drinking soda that will not give any sleeping disorders at night. That is to drink carbonated water without all the unwanted caffeine or sugar that are usually mixed with soda. Carbonated water is the major ingredient of sodas or any carbonated drinks and it still can help in giving that full feeling after meal because of its water containing carbon dioxide. Carbonated water has better taste compared to regular water and it can help people re-hydrate without the guilt that carbonated drinks give. There is nothing wrong with drinking soda moderately as long as people are well aware of what are included in that drink.


It is important to read the label especially if there is a special list on a person's diet. There are some carbonated drinks that contain less caffeine while there are also some that contain more. This is also the reason of why some people get too addicted to drinking soda while others just enjoy drinking carbonated water. Especially carbonated water is easy to make with a simple system that enables process carbonation so every household that is interested in creating one can easily buy equipments for them to use.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy carbonated drinks just as long as the person is well aware of the content and the possible effect it can cause, then it's alright. There are now a wide range of carbonated drinks available in the market and there are some that are decaffeinated. The best way of enjoying a drink would be to find the perfect match. There are some available that are diet or sugar free while others contain vitamins. It is also possible to create new drinks since it only involves mixing different flavors that go well together at a perfect condition. There are a lot of claims on carbonated drinks are bad for health. But those are mostly unsupported claims or studies which are still going on. Carbonated drinks have been around for a long time. It used to be believed that it is good for health back in the day. Most people drink pure carbonated water because it tastes similar to natural spring water.

Final thoughts on how to get a good sleep

Read labels of anything you drink or eat. For a good sleep, you shouldn't take caffeine in any form in 8 hours before sleeping. For instance, if you will go to bed at 23:00 (11:00 PM), you shouldn't take caffeine after 15:00 (3:00 PM). Just don't forget to do this simple math especially if your bed time varies for various reasons such as shift work, jet lag, etc.

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