The science behind sparkling water

Sparkling water or carbonated water is one of the most common ingredients use in most of the delicious cocktails mixes. It is also added to a regular fruit juice to give it that fizz that seems to improve its taste. In manufacturing carbonated soft drinks, carbonated water is considered as its defining ingredient. It is also known as club soda, soda water, seltzer water or fizzy water. No matter what name it is called it is still made up of two ingredients namely carbon dioxide and water. The process that water undergoes in order to obtain sparkling water is through carbonation. The process is pretty simple and with the right equipment private individual can make it at the comforts of their home. Once the chemistry behind it is learned it will be easy to create and enjoy sparkling water almost anywhere.

Carbon dioxide when mixed with water will create carbonic acid compound which will make water to taste sour because of the acid. Carbonated water will have a pH of 3-4. Sodium salts is added to the solution to increase the pH to make it less acidic. Since carbon dioxide is only slightly soluble to water the pressure is usually increased and temperature lower down to insure that more gas will be dissolve in the mixture. Chill the water before mixing with carbon dioxide. There are equipments called carbonators that use mechanical pumps to create a pressurized chamber to combine water to carbon dioxide. This is usually seen in bars or other drinking establishments. There is also a seltzer bottle or a rechargeable soda siphon that can prepare a liter of sparkling water which is just perfect for personal use. Homemade sparkling water may not be as gassy as the ones available in stores or bar if it’s done with a simple carbonation set-up. There is free information online that can be used for serious individual who wants to create the perfect carbonated water. Creating a good carbonated water is perfect for parties or can also be a good way to start creating a unique line of carbonated drinks. It is important to insure that water is chilled before mixing it with carbon dioxide. There are equipments that large industries use in reaching slightly above freezing temperature of water before they add carbon dioxide. The bubble or the fizz that is seen in soda or carbonated drinks is the carbon dioxide leaving the liquid because the temperature is increased and pressure is reduced.

Now there are a lot of delicious cocktails that is created with the help of carbonated water. Its main purpose in drinks if just to dilute the content of a certain mix to make them long. But because of the fizz that makes the drink look sparkling it has become a popular ingredient on most drinks. There are some people that tend to avoid carbonated drinks thinking of health risk drinking it. But there are also some benefits from enjoying it, sparkling water help ease the symptoms of constipation and dyspepsia. And there’s nothing more satisfying than drinking a cold soda to quench thirst.