Making soda explode with mentos

There are a lot of fun ways to do with a soda aside from enjoying it as a refreshing drink. One of the famous examples is to add Mentos in a bottle of the carbonated drink to make it look like it’s exploding. Imagine what can be more fun than watching a bottle of soda shoot up a fountain of foam as high as possible. And there are some groups that really dedicate their time and money to learn more how this two react under different condition. There are some that tries different kinds of soda and there are others that even try to add more than one Mentos in one bottle just to check how powerful that reaction can get. There is in fact a Guinness World Record holder for a large number of simultaneous geysers or eruption of soda and Mentos. The record was 2,865 which happened in Manila Philippines last October 17, 2010.

The eruption is caused by the rapid expulsion of foam which is due to the small pores of the candy’s surface that helps the release of gas carbon dioxide. All soda or carbonated drinks gives the same result but as most observe the best reaction happens when a Diet Coke is used with Mentos. This is due to the ingredients present in the drink that includes aspartame, potassium benzoate and the carbon dioxide gas that mix with gelatin and gum arabic of the candy. This was checked by the television program MythBusters. And it was discovered that the mint flavored Mentos provides the best result compare to the other flavored ones. There are some groups that create some fun obstacle and even sync the eruption of the candy and soda with music to create a beautiful musical fountain of carbonated drink. There are endless of possibilities on what a person can do with this kind of discovery. Some creates rockets powered with soda and there are others that try consuming both candy and soda at the same time and wait until something happens. It is important to do this outside or in an open ground to insure that nothing important will be soaked with soda after the eruption.

It can be great fun activity to parties or science experiment. Checking out some designs available online can help. There are some that creates different designs that will be set in motion after one Mentos candy is dropped in a soda bottle. Mentos and soda eruption can surely create a harmless fun to a lot of individual and it will also be quite messy to clean up. After all the soda is used up and the candy dissolve it will surely leave a sticky mess all around and cleaning up can be quite a challenge. It is very important to find a place that will create less damage to setup this soda Mentos fountain before mixing the two. Because once the reaction starts there is no way of stopping the eruption as long as there’s soda and Mentos to fuel it.