Commercial Soda and Healthier Carbonated Drinks

For many decades, commercial soda is an industry that doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. It became like a necessity to many people. Drinking soft drinks became a norm. In fact, people got addicted to this carbonated drink without them even knowing it. Not only until the recent years that awareness about the amount of calories and the chemicals found in these commercial beverages are exposed so people would know that these soft drinks are not healthy and should be consumed moderately.

The amount of sugar you find in a can of your commercial beverage is just crazy. You don’t feel how sweet it is because of the additional chemicals that tricks your brain to not figure out how much sugar is actually in your favorite soft drinks. It’s one of the factors why many people, especially in the United States, started to gain a lot of weight and obesity became a very common health problem. Drinking 3 cans of soda a day is enough to give you the calories you need for that day but without any other nutrients. This drink packed with calories is called as an empty calorie source because all you get from it are the calories so you end up gaining more weight as you consume more calories than your body can burn every day.

More and more people are switching from their commercial soda to the healthier alternative in carbonated drinks. Nowadays you can even make your own carbonated drink right at home with products that lets you do the carbonation yourself.

Carbonation is a process where you put carbon dioxide into your chosen liquid. Carbon dioxide won’t readily be absorbed by the liquid but when forced pressure is applied, the carbon dioxide is mixed with the liquid. It is especially required the liquid to be cold or at least room temperature and not warm as heat will make the carbon dioxide release even faster and that’s not desirable.

Healthier carbonated drinks come in more flavor choices too so you can enjoy more drinks and enjoy the fizz from the carbon dioxide. Carbonated drinks are refreshing and that’s why it’s very popular to everyone. Now that you have a choice between those commercial soda packed with calories and chemicals and the healthier alternative, why not try out what is healthier? But it does have an acquired taste and for a start you may not choose it over the soft drinks you’re used to but eventually you’ll make the switch once you get the hang of it. Soft drinks can be quite addictive so your body would still crave for it until the time your body is used to being healthier. There are some artificial flavors offered too that mimics the flavor of your favorite soft drinks to help you make the healthier switch.

It really is a great decision to choose to have a healthier lifestyle and diet. We only have 1 life and our body won’t last forever but we also have to take care of it so we could enjoy our lives a lot longer.