Carbonating soda: Make Your Own

Soda is truly one of the most in demand beverages today. The big named companies in sodas generate billions of dollars every year because people around the World just can’t seem to get enough of their sodas. The thing is, consuming these commercial sodas is really not good for you. There are many advertisements and warnings showing you just how much sugar are in these cans of sodas that you buy at stores. Sure they don’t cost a lot and they do taste good. But knowing how much sugar you actually ingest when you drink these should really make you consider for an alternative.

Not only are commercial sodas packed with a lot of sugar but it contains several other chemicals you wouldn’t want in your body. For one, phosphoric acid. It’s the addition of this acid that actually tricks your brain into thinking that you are not consuming a very sweet drink and it also gives the soda an even bolder flavor.

Many are now considering a healthier alternative to these regular commercial sodas and are trying to carbonate their own soda. Carbonating soda is actually quite easy. But you would have to get used to the non-chemical based sodas so at first you might not get the liking for it but eventually you would get used to it. The thing about carbonating soda is that you don’t get all the added chemicals of commercial sodas and you can actually carbonate whatever juice or flavor you want. It’s a lot more fun to carbonate your own soda at home and your body would thank you for it as well.

What you need to have when you plan on carbonating your own soda at home is a CO2 tank. Actually there is a company that promotes home carbonation and lets you buy their product which costs a bit and they give you canisters of different flavors that you can add for your water and give you an almost the same taste as commercial sodas. You can give this one a try or you can simply buy your own CO2 tank and do the carbonation your way.

Setting up your own carbonation at home is cheaper and it’s easier too to refill your CO2 tanks. So you would need the tank then you would also need a gas regulator to, of course, regulate the amount of CO2 pressure. You can get one that measures the pressure inside the tank and the output pressure. You would need some vinyl tubing, a coupler and a carbonator cap for your bottles that you will use to close up your soda bottle. It has a valve where you can insert the coupler to blow in the CO2.

So once you had your setup done, make sure you follow the right instructions or ask a professional if you are not certain on how to set it up yourself then you would be all set. You can put any flavored water or juice in your bottles and you can carbonate it by adding the CO2 into your bottles. Shake it a bit and refrigerate or drink it up straight away. It would be a great idea to use cold water when you do this process though as warm water tends to disperse the CO2 much faster as it decreases the solubility.

With carbonating soda at home, you don’t need to sacrifice your cravings for soda but without the high amount of calories that promotes obesity to soda drinkers.